Kimono Experience and Photo Shoot in Osaka, Japan

kimono experience - yukata


Why don't you have a great experience of wearing an authentic Kimono in Osaka?

You can choose a course of kimono styles - Yukata, Kimono or Furisode.

Many variation of each kimonos, we help you to choose one for you, dress it in traditional Japanese style.

Photo shoot by a photographer and the photo date are given to you by e-mail or LINE.

*Be sure that you do not go out with our kimonos because they are not made of polyester.




Yukata - a kind of kimono, made of cotton, the most casual style in summer.




 Kimono - KOMON dyed daily kimonos.


kimono experience - kimono


kimono experience - kimono



Furisode - the most fomal and gorgeous long sleeved kimono.


kimono experience - furisode


kimono experience - furisode



You can also take photos by yourself anytime. 


kimono experience - furisode


Price of each course


Yukata - 3780 yen / person (inclu. tax)

Kimono - 4860 yen / person (inclu. tax)

Furisode - 8640 yen / person (inclu. tax)


*Max 3 people in 1 time.


All of them include easy hear set and hair ornaments.



All the courses can have an option of Matcha green tea with Japanese sweets set - after photoshooting. 

Also available "tea ceremony performance", Matcha green tea made in front of you. Tea ceremony performance is done on Tatami floor, but you see the performance and enjoy your sweets and tea at a table.


matcha green tea and japanese sweets


Matcha Tea set - 540 yen / person (inclu. tax)


More option ... 

matcha green tea ceremony


Tea ceremony performance - additional 1080 yen plus tea set price.







Please make a reservation 2 days before and make payment in advance - we will send invoice.

Cancelation should be done also 2 days before.



The copyright of the photos by our photographer belongs to Kimonoya Japan. You can use those photos for personal use, but not for business - can not sell the photos.