Due to COVIDÔÇÉ19, most of the countries do not take postal items from overseas now. So for the moment we only accept orders - shipping by DHL.

Basically, our local shop is open, but open hours are flexible now for the emergency declaration now. Please contact us for that before you visit us.

We can ship to a hotel in Japan while you are in Japan. Please feel free to contact us about it.

Kimono Experience and Photo Shoot plan started! ... Click!

Spanish YouTubers visited us and made a video about Kimono Experience. You can see Yuriko and Eisaku in the video! (English subtitles)


We would love to please many people even by one by giving them excitement and passion.
We would love to share our traditional Japanese culture with many people here in Japan and abroad.

For those two wishes, we have established two web shops, "Kimonoya Japan" in English and "Kaede-An" in Japanese.

ICHIGO ICHIE - Once in a lifetime chance. You might find your favorite used Kimono just once in a lifetime chance, because you can never find the exactly same one. The stains, the scars, they are the part of the history of the kimono.
So we wonder... your favorite kimono, what kind of history is it going to built...?

We introduce our items honestly as it is, we keep our shop decently, to satisfy your shopping.

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