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Color of Kimono

There are so many colors of kimono that it is almost infinite. In addition to the internationally recognized three primary colors, there are also colors unique to Japan, making it very difficult to express the beauty of kimono in a specific color.
Here are some color samples that we use as a reference when inspecting kimonos. We state kimono colors tone and colors.
We cannot say that they match 100% exactly, but please use them as a reference when selecting kimonos.
Please note: Although we have made every effort to ensure that the colors in the product photos are as close to the actual product as possible, the colors may differ from the actual product due to your monitor settings, room lighting, and other factors.


pale light vivid
lightgrayish grayish dark


Black white offwhite ivory beige
Black (#00000f) White (#fffffe) Off white (#eee3cf) Ivory (#e6d2b1) Beige (#ccb599)
Brown Taupe Gray Lightblue blue
Brown (#8d5025) Taupe (#393c41) Gray (#b3a89b) Light blue (#6bbbc8) Blue (#0095d9)
Indigoblue navy purple wisteria pink
Indigo blue (#006a95) Navy (#2a305c) Purple (#654e99) Wisteria (#b5a5d4) Pink (#fa999a)
coral red carmine vermilion orange
Coral (#f17161) Red (#f30000) Carmine (#992e41) Vermilion (#df4840) Orange (#ed7a25)
goldenyellow yellow yellowgreen green olive
Golden yellow (#ffa826) Yellow (#ffdc00) Yellow green (#b8d200) Green (#40ca45) Olive (#6a5d2a)
gold silver multicolor *Codes in parentheses ( ) are color codes,
which are based on color hexadecimal.
Gold Silver Multi-color