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Have you ever had trouble coordinationg your kimono and obi?

Here are some tips for casual coordination to enjoy Kimono.


There are two main types of kimono: dyed kimono and woven kimono.

Obi can also be woven or dyed with a pattern.

The combination of these two types of kimono and obi can give a soft or stiff impression.


For example, A woven kimono, like TSUMUGI, with a hard impression and a dyed obi with a soft impression will create a well-balanced coordination. 

 A woven kimono, expecially TSUMUGI, has a lot of geometric patterns, and if you match it with a woven obi, you will get a stiff impression.

This is a combination of dyed kimono and dyed obi.

Because both of them have soft impression, it will creat very soft impression.

It's not a matter of which is better or worse, but a matter of preference.


We would like to share about colores of kimono and obi.

The basic concept of color matching is as follows.

This includes ideas that differ from clothes that we wear everyday.


1, The kimono and obi should be shades of the same color.

2, Match an obi of the same color as one of the colors in the kimono.

3, Express contrast with symmetrical colors. 


1. The kimono and obi should be shades of the same color.

For a light orange kimono, choose a yellow or red obi of the same color to coordinate the shading.

This is a very calm coordination, so it is suitable for a small stage show, a dinner, or party.


2. Match an obi of the same color as one of the colors in the kimono.

For example, if you have a kimono with a brown and green pattern, you can coordinate it with a brown obi.

Depending on the color, it will give a well-balanced impression.

3. Express contrast with symmetrical colors.

This is the coordination of matching an obi of a color called complementary or opposite color.

For example, a yellow-green kimono can be paired with a red obi of the complementary color.

The result is an eye-catching and unique look.

This is one of our most recommended coordinates.

This is especially recommended for the half-width obi.


Kimonos are indeed a proud tradition of Japan, but in the past, they were kimonos every day in Japan.

Kimonos are meant to enhance the beauty you have.

The most important thing is your smile in a kimono.