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Question and Answer

Question : How do I take care for my kimono?

Answer : After wearing, hang it on a hanger and dry it in the shade indoors for 1 to 2 days to let the perspiration blow off.
Since sunlight moves it, please move it out of direct sunlight.
After removing moisture, fold the garment and store it.
After the season is over (i.e., before storing it for a long time), send it for dry cleaning.
*This is just a general and easy way to care for kimonos in Japan. We are not responsible for any damage to the kimono in case it is damaged.

Question : Can I sell kimono?

Answer : We do not accept purchases from overseas.

Question : Is it possible to undervalue invoice?

Answer : We are not able to undervalue the customs declaration due to our company policy, and it is banned under Japanese law.
So if the customs found out this violation act, we will not be able to continue our business.
Although, the contract between our shop and DHL also is banned to undervalue the customs declaration due.
Due to such risks, we provide the exact amount shown on all sellers' invoices regardless of their status to be individual, business, or anything else.
Please note that we also provide the declared value on the DHL Parcel Value Declaration Form in the same manner.

Question : Do you sell wholesale?

Answer : Yes, we do. For wholesale orders, please place your order through our website.
We will give you a discount if the total amount of the items (not including items that are already discounted, shipping, other taxes, etc.) is $500 or more.

Question : Can I visit a store and see a kimono?

Answer : Of course you can. Please check our About Us page for our hours of operation and make an appointment through Contact us before visiting us.
You can try on kimonos at our store, but please remove rings, watches, and other items that may damage the kimono when trying it on. All kimonos in our store are used and some of them are rare, antique or vintage. Threads and fabrics weaken over time, and even small objects such as rings may tear if caught. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you will understand.