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M1125B Vintage Japanese Kimono Bray Men's Obi (Grade A+) [M1125B]

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M1125B Vintage Japanese Kimono Bray Men's Obi (Grade A+) [M1125B]

Our Selling Price: US$40.00

Regular Price: US$40.00

Weight: 340g


Item Description

Obi for Men.

M1125B Vintage Japanese Kimono Gray Men's Obi (Grade A+)

Vintage/Used Traditional Authentic Japanese kimono, Men's Obi, for men

Base/Main color : Gray

Base embossed woven pattern :

Design type :

Design/Pattern :

Other :

Age : approx. after 2000's

Notice :

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approx. size inches / lb cm / g
Width: 3.7 "9.5 cm
Length:151.5 "385 cm
Condition:Brand new(Grade A+)

update : Nov/24/2023